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Diplomat: Law, police can't stop all illegal immigration
AP, June 11, 2008

LITTLE ROCK (AP) - A former State Department liaison to Congress says neither laws nor increased vigilance along the Mexican border can completely stop illegal immigration and narcotics trafficking into the United States.

Former diplomat John A. Ritchie told the Arkansas Committee on Foreign Relations today that increased policing of the border and drug arrests have led to higher prices in the U.S. market as demand remains steady for narcotics. That in turn has allowed cartels to take bigger gambles for the increasing profits, as well as use the money to bribe police, judges and others.

He says stopping illegal immigration will be just as difficult. He says politicians and others focus too much on potential laws that have not passed.
Illegal Immigrants Who Were Arrested at Poultry Plant in Arkansas to Be Deported
AP, 4/22/08

Eighteen illegal immigrants arrested at a poultry plant in Batesville will be processed for deportation, but will not serve any jail time for using fake Social Security numbers and state identification cards, federal judges ruled. Magistrate Judge Beth Deere and Judge James Moody of Federal District Court accepted guilty pleas from 17 of those arrested last week at the Pilgrim’s Pride plant. Federal prosecutors dismissed the misdemeanor charges against one man, but said they planned to ask Immigration and Customs Enforcement to begin deportation proceedings against him. The guilty pleas will give the 17 people criminal records, which will allow prosecutors to pursue tougher penalties if they illegally return to the United States. They had faced up to up to two years in prison and $205,000 in fines. Jane Duke, a United States attorney, said her office had no interest in seeing those arrested serve jail time, as they were “otherwise law-abiding citizens.”
Federal immigration agents raid Ark. poultry plant
AP, 4/16/08

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Federal agents raided a north Arkansas poultry plant Wednesday morning over suspected immigration violations, authorities said.

Temple Black, a spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told The Associated Press that the arrests came as part of an ongoing criminal investigation that involved a Pilgrim's Pride poultry plant in Batesville. Black declined to say how many people were arrested or describe the nature of the investigation.

"We anticipate agents and officers will be on the premises for several hours," Black said. "More information about the investigation and those arrested will be available this afternoon."

Independence County Sheriff Keith Bowers said the raid occurred at 6 a.m. Wednesday. Bowers said ICE agents did not tell him what their purpose was in raiding the plant, but said they had a warrant list with about 60 names on it.

Bowers said he and five other deputies only provided security at the plant's gates during the operation and left just after 8 a.m.

Federal agents "came in in cooperation with Pilgrim's Pride," Bowers said.

Ray Atkinson, a spokesman for Pittsburg, Texas-based Pilgrim's Pride, did not immediately return a call for comment Wednesday morning. The company has other plants in Arkansas in Clinton, De Queen and El Dorado.
State Police Sign Immigration Training Agreement
AP, 4/8/08

Arkansas State Police troopers are to be trained by federal immigration agents on how to examine and detect forged identity documents.

State police spokesman Bill Sadler said Tuesday the agency signed an agreement the previous day with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to train troopers in the field and radio operators. Sadler said troopers would be able to examine documents "that would normally be carried by a citizen of Mexico" to find fakes. Sadler said troopers would leave further investigation to federal immigration agents.

Sadler said the state did not discuss having a task force similar to one making immigration arrests in northwest Arkansas.
Immigrants target of Ark. police raids
AFX News Limited, 3/10/08

ROGERS, Ark. (AP) - Hispanic immigrant workers who toil on red-clay construction sites and cut flesh from bone on poultry plant lines in northwest Arkansas, helping to fuel the region's economic growth, say they've become targets for local police who are conducting raids once left to a few federal agents stationed here. After changes in state and federal law, local police, sheriff's deputies and state troopers throughout Arkansas can help enforce federal immigration laws. Recent raids in northwestern Arkansas rounded up a handful of illegal immigrants -- but even those with a legal right to be in the United States face questions.
OUTBREAK: Leprosy in Arkansas – Brought Here by Whom?
By Renee E. Taylor, Family Security Matters, 2/18/08

In an emergency room in Arkansas, the patient exhibits dark red boils, her skin numb. Another case of leprosy in America. Not far away, a tuberculosis-infected illegal immigrant coughs while on break at the local chicken processing plant – spreading his infectious germs across the break room table. His children, also carrying the disease, which had been all but eradicated from the United States years ago, join hundreds of children at the local public school. Crossing the Mexican border, in a pickup truck filled with “migrant workers” coming to “do the jobs Americans don’t do” in our fields and food processing plants, is the Islamic terrorist who purposefully infected himself with smallpox in order to spread the deadly disease to unsuspecting Americans nationwide.
Lincoln supports college aid for children of illegal immigrants; Huckabee no longer sure
By Jason Wiest, THE MORNING NEWS, 12/3/07

LITTLE ROCK -- Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., voiced support for providing some children of illegal immigrants with college aid Monday, a day after Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee said he was not sure he would support such a program at the federal level.