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1st District candidate to discuss immigration today
The Clarion-Ledger, April 28, 2008

BOONEVILLE — Travis Childers, the Democratic candidate for Mississippi’s 1st District U.S. House seat, and Congressman Heath Shuler of North Carolina will hold a 3 p.m. news conference today at City Hall in Olive Branch to discuss solutions to ending illegal immigration, balancing the budget and protecting middle-class taxpayers.

Childers faces Republican Greg Davis in a May 13 runoff to decide who will fill the rest of a two-year term that Roger Wicker began in January 2007. Wicker has moved to the Senate.
Immigration Bill
By Ashley Strange for WJTV, April 3, 2008

Senators could be re-thinking an illegal immigration bill that Governor Haley Barbour has already signed into law. The law requires employers to verify all employees are legal by checking their social security numbers on the department of homeland security's database. Under the law, companies can be fined and lose government contracts. The law goes into effect in January, but now some critics are saying the database isn't always correct and Governor Barbour wants lawmakers to include more options for checking legal status. Some lawmakers want the law suspended until they can change it. It would take a two thirds majority vote from both the senate and house to change the bill.
Political Ads Blame Immigration for Black Unemployment
by Kandiss Crone for WLBT, March 22, 2008

Recent anti-immigration ads blame foreign-born workers as the cause for blacks not having jobs. One of the ads states: "If you're a black American, you've noticed many of us are out of work. You've probably also noticed a huge increase in immigration. Those two facts are related."

In the ads Dr. Frank Morris, former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, says 40% of the decline in black employment is due to immigration.

"Anybody that's trying to get a job as a day laborer, he is gonna have a hard time if you have a flood of immigrants coming into this state or into this country," said Rep. Credell Calhoun (D-Hinds County).

Calhoun is a member of the Mississippi Black Legislative Caucus. He recently voted for Senate Bill 2988 which forces employers to check the legal status of potential workers.

Governor Haley Barbour signed the bill into law this week. According to the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance, the ad campaign was simply a tool to get the job done.
Immigration: Pandering to fears is shameful
Clarion-Ledger, March 19, 2008

Which is worse, a politician pandering to fears just to make political hay or a politician passing a law that can't be enforced and makes criminals of law-abiding businesses just to make political hay?

With the state's anti-immigration bill newly elected Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant pushed through the Legislature and Gov. Haley Barbour signed into law, they've done both!

At least Barbour acknowledged that Senate Bill 2988 he OK'd Monday is a stinker - "I have serious concerns ... the bill could have unintended negative consequences," he said.

But, then, passing the buck for signing a bad bill into a bad law, he added: "I urge the Legislature to make the necessary technical changes to ensure this bill will have the intended effect." Don't count on it.
Immigration: Myth Vs. Reality
by Adam Lynch for the Jackson Free Press, February 20, 2008

“They can vote themselves in a pay raise, but they can’t do nothing about all this illegal immigration,” says Jackson talk show host “JT,” of the JT and Dave show, after the House approved a raise for government officials, including a $10,000 raise for in-session work for legislators.

“Yeah, they can be counted on to pay theirselves, but don’t expect any new laws changing the state from a sanctuary state,” Dave replied.

Other references to illegals abound on local radio, with callers burning up the lines yelling about “keeping these people out,” or ranting about how illegals are using state welfare, and the border is wide open.
Feds Target Immigrants far From the Border
By ALICIA A. CALDWELL, AP, January 24, 2008

PEARL, Miss. — Detective Nick McLendon, on stakeout duty along a dark stretch of eastbound Interstate 20, noticed a red Chevy Suburban with heavily tinted windows and no light over its rear Texas license plate. The missing light gave him all the excuse he needed to pull the SUV over.