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State lawmakers weigh illegal-immigration laws, but only pass one
By Gordon Fraser for the Eagle-Tribune, 5/5/08

New Hampshire lawmakers are proposing plenty of laws to combat illegal immigration, but those laws aren't being passed.

And the Granite State isn't alone.

While immigration is widely considered a federal issue, lawmakers in all but six states have taken it upon themselves to propose immigration-related legislation this year, according to a new study by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

New Hampshire has joined the fray. In the past two years, Granite State lawmakers have proposed at least 12 bills or resolutions dealing with illegal immigration.

Only one of those bills — a nonbinding resolution asking the federal government to finish a border fence between the United States and Mexico — passed.
2 N.H. lawmakers not receptive to immigration bills
AP, 3/7/08

CONCORD, N.H.—New Hampshire lawmakers have not been receptive to proposals dealing with immigration this year.

more stories like thisThe House has killed three bills dealing with the issue while the Senate has rejected one. Lawmakers haven't played favorites -- rejecting measures that sought to curb state and local law enforcement as well as those that sought to strengthen enforcement.

This week, the House killed bills that would have made all contracts with illegal aliens unenforceable and would have created a felony for aiding illegal aliens, among other measures. The Senate killed a measure that would have barred New Hampshire and all of its political subdivisions from serving as a sanctuary for illegal aliens. It also would have required state and local police to enforce immigration laws to the extent allowed by federal law.
2 Nashua men charged, held in convenience store robbery
By STEPHANIE HOOPER for the Nashua Telegraph, 2/19/08

NASHUA – Two city men, one with a prior robbery conviction, are charged with robbing a local convenience store clerk at knifepoint Saturday night.

Both men are jailed at the Nashua Police Department, pending arraignment today in Nashua District Court. Karuru is jailed on $25,000 bail and Ngari with no bail, stemming from immigration issues.
Clegg wants Hodes's seat - State senator was once majority leader
By DANIEL BARRICK for the Concord Monitor, 2/7/08

Republican state Sen. Bob Clegg of Hudson joined the race yesterday for the 2nd District seat held by Democrat Paul Hodes.

Clegg, a one-time state Senate majority leader, said he would push for smaller government, better health care for veterans, immigration reform and research toward energy innovation.
Illegal immigrants caught in Dover
By STEPHANIE HOOPER for the Nashua Telegraph, 1/3/08

DOVER — Two illegal immigrants from El Salvador face deportation after one was caught trying to buy alcohol with a fake ID.

Police say Rodolfo A.M. Zumba, 22, of 821 Central Ave., Apartment B, tried to purchase alcohol at Smiley's on Main Street. Police were contacted and later contacted Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who confirmed that Zumba was an illegal immigrant along with his friend Jose Albado, 18.

Zumba was charged with attempt to purchase alcohol with a fake ID and was held at the Strafford County jail until immigration officials picked him up.

Police say Zumba will likely be deported before he faces the charges in Dover.