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  • Nevada Sheriff Vows To No Longer Hold Illegal Immigrants Without Warrant
    By Paul Johnson, July 16, 2014

    Reno, Nevada ( CNN ) - Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie says his department will no longer hold illegal immigrants unless the federal government has a warrant. The department says the policy change is because of recent court decisions which have questioned the hold process by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. By some estimates, there are thousands of undocumented immigrants living in the Las Vegas valley. Metro Police has followed suit with cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia that have all said they will no longer honor ICE immigration holds without a warrant.

    One local attorney says for illegal immigrants, it meant being housed locally at taxpayers’ expense, while the federal government took too long to deal with the situation.

    Attorney Jerry Stuchiner is a former immigration officer that worked for the border patrol for almost 20 years. "Very simply, it's a violation of the 4th Amendment,” Stuchiner said. "There was a case in Oregon, which precipitated all of this, in April of this year, called Olivares vs. Clackamas County, where a man was finished with the State of Oregon, and ICE put a hold on him and he sat for an extra 14 days. They violated his rights, and the District Court said this is wrong."

    Stuchiner says immigrants arrested for petty crimes could sit and wait in a perpetual limbo behind bars for days. He says ICE simply doesn't have the resources to handle the workload. The end result left local police departments with housing, feeding and holding illegal immigrants, which was a liability, if something happened to the detained immigrants.

    "They’re responsible,” Stuchiner adds. “I’ve had cases where my clients got sick and they were ill and seriously ill while on detainer and Metro had to pay the hospitalization fees."

    Sheriff Gillespie issued this statement regarding the change:
    “This change has nothing to do with me taking a stand on the immigration issue. It has more to do with a situation we've found ourselves in and this is the best thing to do until the feds figure it out.” If an undocumented immigrant commits a crime, they are punished under the law, according to authorities. Metro Police will still turn those offenders over to ICE for their immigration status.
    Nevada Driver Authorization Cards For Undocumented Immigrants Bring Long Lines
    AP, January 3, 2014

    LAS VEGAS (AP) — Thousands of Nevada immigrants showed up at Department of Motor Vehicle offices Thursday to obtain driver authorization cards under a new law that made the state the 11th nationally to offer driving privileges to people in the country illegally.

    In Las Vegas, long lines began forming before the doors opened at 8 a.m. By noon, wait times at the city's two busiest offices were two hours or longer.

    But the mood was more jovial than other agonizingly long DMV waits given the excitement on the part of immigrants who are now able legally drive to work.

    A law passed by the 2013 Legislature and signed by Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval allows immigrants in Nevada without citizenship status to obtain driver privilege cards. An increasing number of states have been passing similar laws in recent years, and 11 states and the District of Columbia have enacted such measures.

    During a bill-signing ceremony in May, Sandoval — Nevada's first Hispanic governor — called the measure one of the most meaningful pieces of legislation he has enacted.

    Backers of the bill say since many immigrants in the country illegally drive anyway, the law will make roads safer because they will required to take a test and have insurance.

    By early afternoon, DMV officials had stopped applications because of wait times and a backlog of people waiting to take the written exam, said Nevada Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis, a prime sponsor of the law who stopped by one DMV office to see how things were going and ended up staying for hours.

    "They had 150 people waiting to take the test so they cut it off for now," Denis said. "I don't think they can get through all of them at this point today."

    There was some confusion. Not everyone had all their paperwork and had to be turned away. Others didn't realize that once they paid their fees they had to take the test the same day.

    The law specifically prohibits the DMV from using or sharing information for immigration-enforcement purposes.

    Authorization cards are good for one year and cannot be used for official identification to board commercial flights or enter federal government buildings.

    To obtain a card, immigrants must still show proof of identity as well as Nevada residency. Any documents in a foreign language such as a birth certificate must be translated, and the DMV has a list of about 160 translators posted on its website.

    Latinos make up about a quarter of Nevada's residents.

    In less congested northern Nevada, lines began forming early but were nothing compared with the throngs seen in the south.

    "I was at Reno this morning and there were people waiting outside the doors hours before we opened," said DMV spokesman David Fierro. Through midday the waiting time for service in both Reno and Carson City was about a half hour.
    New Report: Nevada has Highest Rate of Illegal Immigrants and Illegal Workers
    KTVNNews, February 1, 2011

    LAS VEGAS (AP) -- A report on illegal immigrants says Nevada has the largest share of illegal workers in the nation, a population that has grown despite record unemployment.

    The Pew Hispanic Center's annual report published Tuesday shows roughly 10 percent of Nevada workers are illegal immigrants who are not authorized by the federal government to work.

    California's 1.85 million illegal workers are the largest in the nation, but they only represent 9.7 percent of the Golden State's work force.

    Nevada also has the largest share of illegal immigrants at 7.2 percent. Only 3.7 percent of people in the United States are illegal immigrants.

    Nevada's population of illegal workers was 9.4 percent in 2009. The Silver State's unemployment rate has since climbed to 14.5 percent, the highest in the nation.
    McDonald's Franchise to Pay $1 Million for Immigration Offenses
    VOA News, July 17, 2008

    A company that owns 11 McDonald's restaurants in the United States will pay a $1 million fine for giving illegal immigrants false Social Security numbers.

    The U.S. Justice Department says one current and one former executive for the company, Mack Associates, and the company itself pleaded guilty to felony immigration offenses in a federal court Wednesday in the western state of Nevada.

    Attorneys for the franchise pleaded guilty on behalf of the firm to one count of conspiring to encourage an illegal immigrant to live in the U.S., and one count of helping an illegal immigrant remain in the country.
    Immigration arrests reported
    AP, July 16, 2008

    RENO -- U.S. officials say 42 people were arrested around Lake Tahoe during a recent sweep by immigration agents.

    Of those detained, 21 were immigration fugitives, meaning they had been ordered to leave the country by an immigration judge but refused to comply, Virginia Kice, spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said.

    Six of the detainees had previous criminal convictions.

    The sweep took place June 30 and July 1 and were part of the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement Fugitive Operations Program.
    Latino agency develops position on immigration raids
    By FRANK X. MULLEN JR. for the Reno Gazette-Journal, June 2, 2008

    In the wake of federal raids seeking illegal immigrants in the Truckee Meadows, Nevada Hispanic Services is developing an official position on immigration policy and enforcement.

    Jesse Gutierrez, executive director of Reno-based Nevada Hispanic Services, said the agency's board of directors will write a position paper, which is expected to be released later in the year, on immigration issues and arrests. He said the board wants to formalize its positions because such issues are ongoing and the agency often is asked about its official stance.
    Sparks man arrested in area immigration sweep
    By FRANK X. MULLEN JR. for the Reno Gazette-Journal, May 29, 2008

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on Wednesday visited homes in Reno and Sparks in search of fugitive immigrants already under deportation orders and who have criminal records in the United States.

    The operation yielded one arrest: a 43-year-old Sparks resident from El Salvador who has a record for robbery. But ICE agents said the investigations and arrest attempts will continue as part of a national effort to deport illegal immigrants who are under a judge's deportation order who remain in this country.
    Clark County Correctional Officers Training To Be Immigration Agents
    ABC 13, May 2, 2008

    Metro is about to start a program that would make some Clark County Correctional Officers immigration agents. Action News reporter Tania Reyes explains the reason behind the program. The Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, is teaming up with Metro to get violent criminals out of local jails and out of the country. On average 3,300 inmates are crammed into the Clark County Detention Center. Besides overcrowding, there is also another problem. The current system we have we cannot determine alienage. Currently, 20% of the population being booked into the facility is foreign born but right now they cannot tell whether they are legal or illegal. Through a new program, eight correctional officers will have the training and tools to act as immigration agents inside the Clark County Jail.
    Recognizing the human element of immigration
    By: Krista Gilbertson for the Rebel Yell, March 31, 2008

    David Thronson, associate professor of law and clinical studies, hosted a lecture Friday titled "Immigration Law and Family Integrity."

    Thronson started the lecture off by making it clear that "family law and immigration law are two areas of law that we tend to not think of together."

    He expanded on this statement by explaining that many family courts do not take immigration status and law into consideration. Similarly, immigration services do not think about family values.

    This presents a huge problem for "mixed status families," which contain at least one person who isn't documented as a legal American citizen.

    These families are more prevalent in this country than some people may think.

    "Five million children have a parent who is not a documented citizen," Thronson said.
    Who Is the Ricin Man? No Terrorism During Bush's Watch... Except for Anthrax and now, Ricin...
    by Rob Kall for the OpEdNews, March 1, 2008

    Ricin found in a Las Vegas hotel room, along with an anarchist book, guns, and no reason to consider terrorism? Oh, and by the way, we can thank George Bush for protecting us from terrorism for the past seven years... at least from knowing about it.
    Nevada Board Commutes Sentences of Illegal Immigrants
    Sep 20, 2007 08:32 PM CDT

    Over objections of the state attorney general, the Nevada Pardons Board has commuted drug-crime sentences of eight convicts, all illegal immigrants, as part of an effort to ease prison overcrowding by deporting illegals.

    Catherine Cortez Masto says she can't support reduced sentences for any inmate convicted of methamphetamine trafficking.

    Cortez Masto serves on the Pardons Board along with Gov. Jim Gibbons. Gibbons and all seven members of the state Supreme Court make up the board.

    In recent months, the Pardons Board has been commuting sentences of inmates who were in the state illegally and then immediately turning them over to federal immigration authorities for deportation. The latest vote will push the total to more than 100.
    Las Vegas Churches as Sanctuary For Illegal Immigrants
    Story by
    Aug 22, 2007 11:56 PM CDT

    "The United Coalition for Immigrant Rights" wants Las Vegas to be the first sanctuary city in Nevada.

    Churches throughout the Las Vegas Valley are being asked to take a more proactive role in protecting undocumented immigrants.

    The move by one group comes after a Mexican woman was deported after taking refuge in a Chicago church for a year.

    Elvira Arellano claimed she had a right to be in the country. to be with her son who was born in the U.S. Arellano was arrested on Sunday in Los Angeles and returned to Mexico.

    "The United Coalition for Immigrant Rights" wants Las Vegas to be the first sanctuary city in Nevada.

    The group wants churches to be places where illegal immigrants can go for help without fear of being deported.

    They also hope churches can be places where family members of different legal status can stay together.